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WXRadio.org is a service of noaaweatherradio.org to provide SSL audio streams of NOAA/EC Weather Radios.

Please visit noaaweatherradio.org to listen to the latest available streams and see the instructions on how to submit a stream.

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Current Server Stats

Current active listeners58
Current SSL radio streams available105

These Streams should not be used for protection of life or property.

When seconds may count!

The audio streams should be viewed as proactive resources - as "pre-alert" preparation tools.

Additionally, a stream may be offline for various reasons when you may need it the most. It is "best practice" to always rely on NOAA/EC radio receivers with battery back-up.

You should have a dedicated NOAA or Environment Canada Weather Radio radio receiver which will alert you 24 hours a day with appropriate audio and/or visual outputs.

Terms of Use

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